Aveda Craft Sale

I attended my very first Craft Sale yesterday at the Aveda Institute here in Vancouver with my wonderful friend, room mate and jewelry maker, Justine. Although the foot traffic was quite low, I met some cool people, made some new friends and received great advice for future sales from other vendors!


Here are a few things I learned:

You can never have enough business cards and always hand them out.

Bring extra tools and supplies to fix and make more art while you’re waiting.

Make sure people feel comfortable shuffling through your work.

Don’t only bring prints of your work, make sure to bring the originals!

Make sure you know your market, it’s important to appeal to the crowd.

Visit the other vendors work, you never know what kind of connections you might make!

All in all it was a great experience, especially for my very first craft sale. Not only that but my roomie and I are going to start a craft night once a month to work on our projects! Lots of motivation to get things rolling again and start doing more of what we love! Next step, set up my Etsy store and get my work selling online.



xx Hailey


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