Pemberton Music Festival

Last week, I had the pleasure of going to the Pemberton Music Festival with my Big Sister Katy. It was unreal. My very first music festival – I think I’m hooked. I got to see so many of my favourite artists in the most beautiful setting. It was breathtaking! Not only that but I finally got to spend some quality time with my sister, so overdue. So many hilarious moments basically from the moment we arrived until I dropped my sister off at the airport. I haven’t camped for that long since Junior High, which was a major achievement for me! AND I only came home with a few blisters on my feet, a couple of bruises and a ruined pair of boots, basically nothing out of the ordinary. Overall it was probably the most fun I’ve had in ages!

photo 1

Let the Adventure Beginnnn!

photo 3

4 AM arrival at the campsite.

photo 4

And we didn’t sleep that night.

photo 5

The saddest tent ever.

photo 7

The view from our campsite.

photo 8

Ponies everywhere!

photo 9

The time we tried shotgunning and completely failed while dropping an entire 6 pack of beer #idontevendrinkbeer.

photo 10

Our makeshift cooler carrier for the painfully long hike in. Apparently this was genius status – I think it was just poor planning.

photo 11

Watching The Boom Booms!

photo 13

AND watching my beautiful roomie Justine sing with them!

photo 16

The only meal we had.

photo 21

My sister being a Leprechaun #thisismyshow.

photo 22

Chance the Rapper killed it.

photo 23

Franky Ocean did too!

photo 24

Thanks for the best time ever Katy!

photo 6

And finally my camping selfie I took on Day Two to let everyone know I was really camping and not staying in a four seasons.


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