Rocky Mountain Soap

Last night I went to my very first blogger event at Rocky Mountain Soap Company at Metrotown here in Vancouver with my friends Nina on the Moon and Rangina Dayani.

Rocky Mountain 2

Rocky Mountain Soap Company originated in Canmore, AB. Which makes me proud since I originate from Alberta as well! What started as a small company with a bit of a rocky past (pardon the pun) has grown and adapted it’s overall aesthetics and products to match the needs and values of their contemporary and health conscious customers.

The store itself is beautifully designed with bright eye-catching colors and fun packaging. The graphic designer in me really appreciates when a company has thought out their packaging design – it makes such a big difference in the way people perceive a product. For something that’s 100% natural and free of toxins – this is really fantastic! Besides Lush products, when I think of 100% natural – I think of more grassroots, wholefoods aesthetics. Rocky Mountain Soap Co. has taken on a more youthful aesthetic reminiscent of candy and sweets, which works really well. They’re natural but also fun and more lighthearted, which I believe appeals to a wider audience. You don’t have to be a hardcore vegan, yogi or natural path to use them!

Rocky Mountain 3

We’re all fairly conscious about what we eat and put into our bodies and well aware of the impact it has on the planet, so it’s important to also consider what we put onto our bodies. Toxins are found EVERYWHERE in our bathrooms, from body wash and lotions to makeup and more. Our skin absorbs them and our planet takes a hit when they wash down the drain. So it’s a really good idea to switch over to natural, your skin and the planet will thank you! Rocky Mountain Soap Company makes it easy to make the switch – their products look, smell and feel great. And best of all, they’re affordable.

After testing out a bunch of products – I have to say that I really love the body butter sticks, they look like deodorant and work the same, which seems odd at first glance, but it’s honestly so convenient. No more mess with a tube of lotion – and I feel like they would last longer too! And of course, the soap smells absolutely amazing. They have a huge variety – one of my favorite being the latest limited release holiday flavor, vanilla candy-cane. It smells good enough to eat and makes a PERFECT stocking stuffer! I also really liked the Vanilla Ginger products, two of my favorite scents in one. Lucky for me we were given a small box of these at the end of the evening. I’ll definitely be back for my Christmas shopping!

Rocky Mountain


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