ULA’s First Pop-up at ONLOK Studios & Gallery

This past Sunday, United Local Artists held their very first Pop-up at ONLOK Studios & Gallery here in Vancouver. It was such a success! Vendors included vintage and handmade clothes, wall hangings, handmade candles, jewelry, screen printing, art, design and even home made beer. It was so great to see so many creative talents in one space.

We’re excited to plan another event in the very near future, so stay posted because you won’t want to miss out! Especially with Christmas just around the corner, what would be better than to get your friends and family unique gifts from local artists!

A huge thank you to everyone who came out and made this Sunday such a success. Friends, family and the general public – you’re awesome for all the support!

Penelope Sloan Design

Cheez Jewelry

Flints Prints

Handmade Goods by Saige & Skye

Culturella Clothing

Darion of Bliss Bojangles

and myself, Hailey Whitt Art & Design

IMG_0043IMG_0040IMG_0047 IMG_0049 IMG_0050  IMG_0055IMG_0053


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