My go-to lunch spot since I’ve started working downtown is The Nosherie, located at 575 W Georgia Street in Vancouver. Not only is it really close to my work, the salads are really tasty. In my experience of being a health freak and vegetarian my whole life, a good salad is hard to come by! My usual […]

I recently (in May) moved to the West End in Vancouver from East Vancouver. There’s so much character in my new neighbourhood, which I absolutely love. One of my favourite things about my new place is that I am only a block away from a little Italian neighbourhood restaurant called Adesso Bistro. It’s such a hidden […]

One of my favorite ways of staying energized throughout the day is having a green smoothie for breakfast or at lunch. It’s a perfect snack without the guilt – packed with all the nutrients you need for a boost of energy. I am OBSESSED with Body Energy Club smoothies. They’re reasonably priced, customizable and delicious. My […]